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With business closing down in the local community there are less jobs and less money getting spent locally. In the end it will affect all business in the local community.

With more job loss and more money going from the town it is you the reader that will have no job, with no money in your local community.

The only way this can change is to start buying local again the 5 or even 30 dollars you pay extra will help you and the local community, Spend Local help Business grow and make more jobs in the local area with more money going around your job will be there longer. Spend online the money goes from the Local community, the money goes from the country at the end of the day, less jobs less money and your out of work. No Job is safe with less money getting spent in the local community.

What is the Real cost of not buying local made product?

Fewer jobs in the local community with less money going around, less money going to the place you work, with less jobs and money for you. The money you save getting it made cheaper could cost you your business in the long term. Who will buy the product if no one has a job.

What is the real cost of you not buying from the place you work at, even if itís cheaper somewhere else?

For the business that you work at Less Money and jobs. Is your job safe?

Free Music, Free Movies, Free Software what is the real cost for Free?

People are not getting paid. At the end of the day, No Music No Movies No Software for you.

The software, movie and music shops in the local community are closing down, less jobs and money in the community. Less money coming into your business or jobs.

Will you work for free?  How will you pay your internet bill?

At the end of the day it's you who can help you keep your job or business running longer.


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