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your function – whether it be a birthday party, a wedding reception or corporate event

I bought a legitimate CD. Can I copy tracks from the purchased CD onto an iPod or a blank CD for use in my function or at my function centre?

The purchase of a CD only gives you the right to own the physical disc, to play it privately, and to pass on the same physical disc to another person. This means that copying the music from a CD including onto an iPod, without the permission of all relevant copyright owners, is an infringement of copyright except in very limited circumstances. The Copyright Act allows you to “format shift” music for personal use, for example, to copy from CD format to MP3 format in certain limited situations. However, this does not extend to use of the music on commercial premises.

I operate a function centre. Can I be held responsible for any pirate music played on the premises?

Yes, as the venue operator you may be held liable for authorising copyright infringement if pirated music is played on your premises. This might include iPods that are loaded with illegally downloaded music or DJs who are using digital music devices, such as computers, without the relevant reproduction licences in place. As the venue operator, it is also your responsibility to obtain public performance licences from APRA and PPCA (or the relevant copyright owner).

Can I be fined or jailed for music piracy?

Music pirates can be fined up to $60,500 and up to 5 years imprisonment for each offence. For companies the fines are up to 5 times as much. Under recent changes to the Copyright Act the police can also issue an on-the-spot fine of $1320 and seize pirate music and Equipment.

You can read the full page from this link below

If you cannot open this page download Adobe Reader

Copyright and marriage celebrants

To read the full Page press the link here


Making recordings to play during the wedding or reception

If you wish to copy an existing sound recording (such as making a back-up copy or compilation CD), you will need to get permission from the owners of copyright in the recording. In most cases the owner of copyright in sound recordings is the record company, however, the ARIA can assist in locating the owner. In addition, you may also need a manufacture licence from AMCOS.

Although exceptions to allow for the private copying of sound recordings have been recently implemented into Australian law, these only cover private and domestic use. For more information on the scope of this exception see the Attorney-General’s Department’s Copyright Fact Sheet on Private copying of music.


Codes of Conduct for the karaoke And jukebox industries 

MIPI - Codes of Conduct

Support the Artists and song writers that make the music you like.

Respect copyright in music

Stealing music is the same as stealing anything else. It is illegal and the consequences are real, for artists, songwriters, and for the future of music. Unauthorized copying or downloading whether from CDs or the internet has a major effect on the music industry. And it’s not free at all - it is the musicians, artists, sound technicians and all the other people involved in the music industry who are paying the price with less music being sold. People’s livelihoods are affected. Further, as a result of piracy there is less money to be invested in new talent, which ultimately means less music available for you.


Links to Music Sites

 Music Rights Australia   

Music Rights Australia -

The following guides have been created to educate you on using music legally within your industry

Music Rights Australia - Fact Sheets

APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association)

AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners’ Society).

ARIA - Australian Recording Industry Association

ARIA - Top 50 Singles Chart (TI = TIME IN CHART)

PPCA - Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited

Australian Copyright Council

Australian Federal Police
Other Web sites you may like to see
Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones in Australia
To get your (International Mobile Equipment Identity) IMEI number pressing *#06# on your mobile phone keypad.
 lost or stolen Optus Mobile Phone. Call Optus Business Customer Service on 133 343
 Press Here To go to Optus web site Call Optus Personal Customer Service on 1300 300 937
lost or stolen Telstra Mobile Phone. Telstra Mobile customer call 125 111 immediately
 lost or stolen Vodafone Mobile Phone. Call Vodafone customer care immediately on 1800 638 638    Outside Australia call +61 414 14 14 14
  Search Engines


 Telstra Directory Assistance  1223


Calls to Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223 are free from Telstra residential fixed-line phones and from Telstra payphones. The cost to Telstra business fixed-line customers and Telstra mobile customers is $0.50.

An attempted connection charge of $0.99 applies to eligible Telstra post-paid mobile, pre-paid mobile and fixed-line customers who choose to be through-connected to a requested number. If, on attempted connection, the requested number is busy or does not answer, you will be charged the connection fee of $0.99. If you are on a mobile you will receive the number by SMS as part of the service. If you are on a fixed line and the number you requested to be connected to is busy or does not answer, a computerised voice will read you the number.

Directory Assistance from Optus (124YES)

The Optus number 124'yes' (124937) charges $1.10 for connection plus local call rates for the duration of the call.

1223 Directory Assistance from Vodafone 

Dial 1223 from your Vodafone mobile when you just need a number. You can choose to be Thru connected or have the number sent to you via txt. Charges 1223 is a premium rate service. Calls vary according to your plan.

1223 Directory Assistance Vodafone 

Unlimited Cap Contracts: $2.60 a call (+ standard call rate if you are through-connected.)

123- Ask Us Anything  Vodafone 

Vodafone Cap Contracts, SIM Only Caps: $1.30 connection fee + $1.30 per 60 seconds 

Unlimited Cap Contracts: $1.30 connection fee + 65c per 30secs



Get involved in Queensland Government


 Toowoomba Regional Council Web Sites

 Toowoomba Regional Council 

Web Site

 Map of Toowoomba Regional Council Area Find Streets and Roads Online mapping

 Toowoomba Dam Levels  

 Cressbrook Dam, Perseverance Dam, Cooby Dam Toowoomba Dam Levels


 Seqwater is South East Queensland’s bulk water supply provider

 Web site

 Dam levels

 News Paper Web Sites

 APN News & Media 

 Queensland | The Courier-Mail

 Fuel Price Web Sites


 Australian Institute of Petroleum

 FuelWatch (Western Australia Fuel Price)

 National Transport Commission

 National Transport Commission Web Site

 Australian Road Rules Press Here

 Queensland Transport Web Sites

   Queensland Transport Web Site


Traffic Control In Queensland

When the Traffic controller Puts there hand up to get you to stop then points back down the road. The traffic controller is pointing at a traffic cone or Bollard 10 metres back down the road from them that you should stop at.

I have seen some traffic controllers  pointing for years and have only just found out what they have been pointing at and what it meant. You would think it should be in the road rules so you would know to stop 10 meters from the traffic controller or have a sign there saying stop here.

 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Web Sites
 ACCC Web Site
Commonwealth logo, ACCC Logo and Scamwatch banner

Report a scam

If you have been scammed or think you have seen a scam, there are many government agencies in Australia that you can contact for advice or to make a report. The best agency to contact depends on where you live and what type of scam is involved. See the Report a scam page on the SCAMwatch website for further information about which agency would be the best one to contact in your circumstances, or contact SCAMwatch on 1300 795 995.

Before you send any money to any one for anything take a look at the scam watch site, it's a free site that could save you thousands of dollars

Beware of Horse racing scams or horse Racing software Gold Coast Queensland Australia

These so called investment opportunities have cost Australians more than $20 million in recent years. While the majority of these businesses operate from the Gold Coast.

read more about it here

 Storm Damage 1873 Toowoomba Press here
 Storm Damage 1893 Toowoomba Press here
 Storm Damage 1906 Toowoomba Press here
 Storm Damage 1914 Toowoomba Press here
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